A glass of milk for breakfast – escape from diabetes

A glass of milk for breakfast – escape from diabetes

Work is being done to restore the reputation of saturated fats found in dairy products and milk itself is now on the list of necessary products for breakfast.
Probably, it’s not that throughout life we are heavily fed with dairy products be it kindergarten, school or hospital.

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Perhaps this is due to the fact that milk contains important nutrients for us, contributing to the speedy restoration and strengthening of the immune system.

Specialists were able to establish that the proteins in milk stimulate the formation of hormones
which significantly slow down the working activity of the digestive system, which reduces hunger.
In addition, milk has the ability to keep an adequate level of sugar in the blood, and the more protein it contains the more sugar decreases after your snack filled with

Experts from the University of Texas also joined the foregoing. According to the author of the research activities of Dr. Marcia Otto, the available data not only prove the previously described fact, but also affect another moment. The obtained information about milk maximizes the increasing amount of information that milk fat, contrary to the confidence of the majority of the population, does not affect the increase in the probability of heart disease and mortality among people of mature age.

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