Eyelashes falling out (5 reasons)

Why eye lashes fall out In comparison with the hair, the excessive loss of which can turn into a nightmare, falling cilia often do not give cause for concern.

But how to be in a situation when every day on the face you see not one eyelash, but a whole bunch? Below we will tell you five possible reasons why this problem could have been formed.

Why Eyelashes falling out?

It is important to know that if none of the reasons given are right for you, then you should visit a specialist in the near future to prevent serious disruptions in the body’s work activities . Do read more on why eye lashes fall out

Constant eye friction

It is unlikely that this process can be called on purpose. Usually we have three eyes due to allergies, either because of the high sensitivity of the eyes and at the same time you work a lot at the computer. And the essence is not only in eye friction in case of acute need. You can also rub your eyes too much, for example, when removing makeup. Think about it and learn how to control this process.

Using the wrong mascara

It is difficult to admit, but even in the modern world, when different luxury cosmetics are sold on the counters of the store and, on the contrary, in both groups there are products with excessive aggressive action for us. Such products are over saturated with obviously harmful allergens and other heavy substances. The reason for hair loss can be in this – you have acquired mascara with a too dense formula. And also it cannot be excluded that you are clearly overdoing the number of layers of the tool.

Hormonal problems

The well-known fact that hormones play a huge role for the flow of all processes within our body. It also has a great influence on the hair growth cycle. Representatives of medicine say that with an imbalance of hormones, the cycle can be broken and become short, and this leads to severe hair loss and weakening of their growth. Such processes can affect not only the scalp, but also eyelashes, and even eyebrows.

Improper nutrition

When beauty is inside the body, it will manifest itself externally. The idea is not new, but worth remembering about it. Products that we consume, affect not only the state of internal organs, but also our appearance as a whole. Proper and balanced nutrition is important for good health, as well as for the beauty of the skin and hair, including eyelashes.

Sleep with makeup

The first and most important thing that I want to tell for this reason: never, in any situation, do not go to bed made-up. Sometimes, especially after the night festivities, absolutely no strength to wash off makeup. And it is in vain. Cleansing the skin before bedtime is important for moisturizing it and minimizing the risk of early aging. The same applies to the eyelashes. A person can not fully relax under the weight of cosmetics. Because of this, always keep on hand wet wipes for removing makeup or any other means.

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