SEO: 7 essential first steps of SEO for a fresh website

7 essential first steps of SEO for a fresh website

SEO: 7 Simple but essential first steps of SEO for a fresh website

Step 1: Choose a domain name wisely

Easy access to your digital address

Choose your domain name by keeping your audience in mind. Which should be easy for them to remember, easy to write. Grammatically the name should be correct. Keep your niche in mind and most importantly the keywords. Brand potential should be big as per the domain name.

Step 2: Research the accurate keywords

Differ from your competitors

Keywords can make it or break it for your website. Research your keywords potential to the best. Research your competitors keywords on which they have ranked their website. Overcome them all by bringing your best research in play. You can use Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, Wordstreams free keyword tool, or any other tool which you finds best.

Step 3: Embroider your content

Understandable content for everyone

While writing the content for your content, use best practices to make your content easy to read. Keywords should be used properly. Use your keywords in heading tags and sub headings. Paragraphs should be minimal. Content should be grammatically correct. At the end your content should be informational and attractive to your readers or website visitors.

Step 4: On page SEO

Optimize the content

Optimizing your code makes it easier for Google or other search engines to understand your topic and rank it accordingly. Use SEO friendly URL. Do not use dynamic URL structure. Categorize your site neatly. Use Silo structure to organize your content. Use title tags, meta description tags, breadcrumbs in your webpage. Content hierarchy should be according to best web practices.

Step 5: Technical SEO

Connect yourself to search engines

Make your website indexable for Search Engines. Connect it to Google Analytics, Google Search Console / Bing WebMaster Tools. If you’re using WordPress as framework, install a Seo plugin. i.e. Yoast SEO, All in One SEO.

Step 6: Backlinking

Build your network

Then comes the most important part in the SEO. i.e. Backlinking process. Backlinking is an important game to take your website rankings to the next level. Try to get backlinks from High Authority Domains to rank your website much higher on search engines. Quality backlinks rules out the quantity in backlinking strategy.

Step 7: Do the Final Testing

Re-run your tests

Go for the final testing before launching your website. Final testing includes your prospective as a customer or random visitor. Run the website speed tests. Try to make it as fast as possible by optimizing the content. Check your mobile version of your website. As most of the traffic now a days comes through mobile devices.

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