25 Best Australian Business Directories [100% Free]

This article is for Best Australian Business Directories for Local Seo. People are constantly looking for local companies by Google.

To drive more focused tourists to your website, there are a range of local SEO policies. Everything is essential, but one of the largest local search boosts stems from Australian folder pages.

In 2018, listing your company in local directories is just as essential as it was in previous years. But don’t bring it with my word.

Australian Business Directories

According to the professionals, a critical local rating element is getting coherent NAP information (name, address, phone) on the finest business directories.

Without physical address do not make directory listings or local SEOs. It’s inconvenient for you. What is the reason? In order to make your business more visible in local search, local listings play an important role and an address is needed to obtain good local listings.

Australian Local Business Directory

Australia’s business directories can also provide referral traffic from clickers in the list, not only for boosting local rankings.

So now is the time to find and submit your business right to Australian directories? You’re in the place you need. For Australian companies, we have assembled a list of directories.

But there are a couple of things to organize, before you start to submit your business.

How do I find the Best Australian Business Listing Sites Free?

You will find directory lists or services that offer 50, 100 or even 250 Australian business directory websites. The best they can do is waste your time or worse, damage your ranking on Google. This is why.

  • They are often scrapped from old lists that have been outdated.
  • They contain directories that require payment, or a link to each other.
  • As many directories have broken forms or are abandoned, they have not actually been tested.
  • There is no traffic or value on the websites, some are even de-indexed by Google.

Our best directory list for 2018 is now updated for the first time published in 2014. We started with a big net, searching around 20 industry terms for the top 100 results in Google.

That gave us nearly 300 directories. After weaving out all the Australian business directories that failed the above tests, we took another step to ensure the real traffic value of the remaining websites.

We used “Alexa Ranking” back in 2014, which was the best measure of local website traffic in Australia. Fast forward to 2018 and the data available is much better. SEO tools, especially, enable us to estimate the actual volume of a website search traffic.

In fact, if you purchased the traffic through paid ads (Adwords), which is the basis of our ROI calculations for local SEO packages, it also calculates the equivalent cost.

Top 25 Australian Business Directories (2019 Update)

Here is our  Google Search Traffic’s best Australian directory list for 2019. All were tested to ensure approval of submissions.


With this blog post most australian directories for related keywords (this post “Australian business directories” or something like “in Google, no doubt you have found) we throwed our hat in the ring. After our Australian Search Frog directory was launched in 2018, it rapidly grew to a community of more than 8,000 local companies. Search Frog features Google’s built-in review ratings, spam free lists revised manually and a huge 230 + article blog which customers love early into the purchase cycle.

In the dashboard clicks of the website and phone number are easily tracked. Search Frog ad campaigns will bring your company listing to the top and begin at only $1 per day without agreements or subscriptions.

About The Top 3 Local Directories

There are mobile apps and numerous crowd-sourced reviews in all of the best three local Australian directories. They are an important place to list your business online to enhance its reputation by combining 12,5 M monthly search visitors (a conservative estimate).

Yellow Pages Directory

The Yellow Pages started 40 years ago in Australia with a typical yellow colored print edition. 1994 saw the launch of the world’s first local Yellow Pages folder.

More than 9 million searches on the Yellow Pages website are currently available each month. Sensis owns the Yellow Pages folder and runs other leading directories like True Local in Australia too.

Yellow Pages paid for the listing of directories range from $30 to $217. More keywords and listing characteristics are included in the above packages.

TrueLocal Directory

Truelocal was marketed to Sensis online in 2013 from 2006 on News Limited. TrueLocal draws a large amount of client feedback which are essential for companies. In relation to the internet catalog page, it also has a mobile application.

For greater search rankings and improved listing characteristics, TrueLocal premium folder listings begin at $33.

Yelp Australia Directory

In 2004, two former PayPal staff created the Yelp Directory, a global player. A severe competitor, especially in the restaurant and distribution sector, is the Australia Yelp journal.

Yelp advises that you do not request feedback from clients, believe it or not. Yelps Pay Ads have a pay per click model offer for local search ad placements.

How To List Your Business On Local Directories

The requests in a directory require repeated entry of the same data, so that you are better ready to prevent wasteful time. Gather information in one document:

  • 2-3 Titles of the business register.
  • Email address submission.
  • Email address of business touch.
  • Number of business telephone.
  • Connections to social media.
  • Typically 200 words max. 2-3 company descriptions.
  • Image of a square logo (the most popular portals show 300px).
  • 5 pictures linked to company.

Business ABN. The method will be much quicker by providing these data for copying information.

Directory Submission Tools

Submitting company listings automatically is a good concept, but in reality it does not work well. Different directories have distinctive areas and customization on varying platforms. Some have even hidden areas to trick these instruments for submission. This implies either the listings fail or the data is lacking or inaccurate.

It is best to have a semi-automatic strategy. For DIY, use the auto-complete function of your browsers to assist with completion of the form, and then review the fields manually.

Directory Submission Tips

Here are a few bonus suggestions to get the most out of your entries to Australian folder.

  • To guarantee that no duplicate listings are generated, search each folder for the company title and phone number.
  • For simple follow-up, use coherent login information.
  • To maximize the importance, make listings as full as feasible.
  • To generate a distinctive listing, vary names and descriptions.
  • Use a devoted email to distinct messages from private email confirmation & advertising.
  • Expect upselling premium deals for a few cell calls from directories.
  • Check immediately and after 5 days for confirmation messages.

Finally, don’t forget to invite your customers for a directory evaluation of your item or service to increase your profile, referral traffic and backlink importance! Let me understand in the remarks if you discover more Australian business directories that pass the above exams.

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