Best PTC Sites 2019 – Get money for Clicking Ads

Millions of individuals in the globe think in the locations of PTC (Pay to Click). They think they can gain cash as a side revenue with the PTC sites. It’s true that most PTC sites only charge you to watch their advertisements and their ad clips. I’ll go over some of the finest PTC sites in this paper to gain cash.

Are you new to online money making? Do you want to know the easiest way to make money online?

It is Clicking ads on PTC sites.

So what’s an ad click?

It’s just the task for a few seconds to click and watch advertisements. The plus point is you can function wherever you want, and when you want, you can press advertisements. Back in 2014, I entered my first PTC site and collaborated on nearly all PTC sites. We will discuss with you the finest PTC sites in this post plus everything you need to understand to get started with PTC sites.

So here is the content break down.

What is a PTC site?

Different types of PTC sites

Different ways to earn from Ptc sites

Pros and cons of PTC site

Finally, 5 best PTC sites in 2019

So let’s dive right into the article.

What is a PTC site?
The PTC site is a website that charges its employees for advertising clicking.

Just as easy as that.

These websites obtain ads from advertisers who want tourists to their websites.

Ptc sites put those in the form of ads, you have to click and visit the site stay for the time required, usually a few seconds.

Ptc sites charge you for the trip instantly after you visit a location.

Here’s an instance from the Neobux PTC site.

Neobux PTC Site


And get paid after visiting the Ad. PTC sites offer your account a significant amount of advertisements every day. Besides clicking advertisements, PTC pages provide you with a few other methods to gain that we will address in the next portion.


paid from ptc sites


Different types of PTC sites

There are two kinds of PTC sites basically.

One is a PTC platform that is directly forward and the other is a Bux PTC platform.

A directly forward PTC platform is one that meets everything I stated in the last subject, you press on an ad and immediately get compensated for it.

On the other side, you must lease referrals on the Bux PTC sites.

So what’s the referral rent?

When someone enters a PTC site without any referer, they are taken as participants by Bux PTC sites and rented as referrals to other participants.

The fee for each leased referral is a tiny sum.

You can see a PTC site renting referrals in the picture below.

ptc sites

The individual renting them would earn a fee for that whenever the leased referral button advertisements.

This is not a free thing and is accompanied by investment. And I’m not a big fan of this kind of income because there’s no evidence that these sites use real people.

I even observed an irregular pattern of leased referrals clicking on advertisements. Even most people think that they are bots.

Even though, making money online seems to be such a profitable bid Reason being that, staying away from renting referrals is better for you.

Different ways to earn from Ptc sites


Different methods of earning from Ptc sites Normally give different kinds of earning possibilities other than payments to click.

You can boost your income by using all of them.

Some of the various possibilities for earning at PTC sites are below:

  • You can make cash by clicking on advertisements by clicking advertisements.
  • Most PTC sites give pay-based surveys to complete surveys, so you can create extra funds for your profile surveys.
  • Completion of assignments–they give assignments from Figure eight together with PTC sites. It’s a micro workplace in which you can find plenty of jobs for extra revenue.
  • Offer panels – offer panels to make money, like downloading applications, playing games etc.
  • You can refer others to these websites as well. Whenever you earn a portion of it will be commissioned by you.

Pros of joining PTC sites

The following are the good points of joining PTC site.

  • You can join free, easy to get started and you don’t need any qualification.
  • You can work from anywhere you want.
  • Other income opportunities along with Clicking Ads.
  • It gives the basic idea of how to make money online.

Cons of PTC sites

  • Pay is very small per click. You pay for a total of one or two cents per click for all lawful locations. To gain cash from your PTC sites, you need to tap on a lot of advertisements.
  • Many scammers in the PTC industry, you can’t trust them if the website isn’t at least two years old. This is why not many PTC sites are available.
  • PTC sites of Bux are not clear. The referrals are most probably leased on Bux Ptc sites.
  • Paypal payment gateway is not available.

How will you get paid on PTC sites?

In order for your earings to be obtainable, all PTC sites have a minimum limit. All information can be found in the following list separately.

PTC sites are normally paid by Payoneer, Skrill and Neteller.

Best PTC sites that pay 10$ per click

Online tons and tons of PTC sites, just a few, remain online for a longer period of time.

Here are 5 of the best PTC sites online.


Clixsense is one of the best PTC sites you’ve paid for years.

Clixsense has recently moved away from the PTC model, but you can still find a lot of their offer panels paying for clicking locations.

Clixsense is one of the best locations to complete surveys, along with clicking possibilities. More surveys can be expected than any other online survey panel.

You can finish eight duties as well. Figure 8 is a micro job site where you can find a lot of money-earning duties.

Clixsense also provides referral programs where you can refer unlimited individuals and obtain up to 25% of the affiliate commission.

Clixsense’s minimum cashout is $10 through Paypal.

Sign up for Clixsense

2. Neobux

Neobux is one of the largest PTC sites and has paid for years to come.

As a Bux PTC site, this site has earned its partners millions of bucks.

Another excellent website for completing eight other assignments than clixsense. This site also provides pleasant task bonuses.

Neobux also has a distinct bid board, similar to clixsense, where you can expect distinct kinds of money assignments.

Neobux provides referral rent with various kinds of choices for upgrading.

Although this is a lawful location, I do not suggest that you invest in Neobux.

I strongly advise you not to invest in Neobux as referral rent is not a lawful way to gain cash.

Other than renting referrals, you can try all the methods.

Minimum Cash out on Neobux is $2 and they pay through Skrill and Neteller.

Sign up for Neobux

3. InboxDollars

One of my favourite sites is inbox dollars. A place that has so many possibilities to earn.

But if you live outside the U.S. as inbox coins only accept participants from united states, it will be bad news for you.

Inboxdollars is quite distinct from other PTC sites because it allows you to click on the messages they send you to open the mail sometime.

There are possibilities to gain at the inbox dollar as you can get paid to watch videos, play matches, search the internet, complete polls and refer individuals.

You have to create $30 to ask them for a deposit. They will immediately give you a check via the mail.

InboxDollars provides you with a $5 bonus to sign up.

Sign up for InboxDollars

4. Scarlet Clicks

For years, Scarlet tap has been online, and it is also the site of Bux Ptc. This platform is Neobux-like.

In the Neobux you can discover all the pillars of the contract, you can use them to boost your earnings.

In addition, this site also provides paid deals to sign up deals that help you gain cash by signing up for various locations.

Also offering lease technique is Scarlet Clicks.

They have a minimum cashout of $2 through Skrill and Neteller.

Sign up for Scarlet Clickz

5. GPTPlanet

GPT planet is a sibling site of scarlet clicks, because they share exactly the same characteristics.

You can gain cash from GPT Planet by clicking Ads.

Completing offers Paid to sign up Just like other PTC sites, these sites share similar earning opportunity as others.

This platform also provides leased referrals as a Bux PTC.

GPTPlanet receives a minimum cashout of $2 through Skrill and Neteller.

Sign up for GPTPlanet

PTC sites for Mobile

With the exception of Neobux, most PTC sites are also available on mobile phones. You can attempt and press advertisements on all other sites on your phone.
Make sure, however, that you are the only consumer that has logged on a smartphone because various accounts are prohibited. But in my view, these are the finest portable user PTC sites(apps) that benefit you.

  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • MintCoins
  • Earn Money
  • Rewardable
  • AppCasher
  • CheckPoints

Are PTC sites legal?

Yes, making cash is legal. You earn for your hard work, and all the PTC sites have been endorsed and their employees have already been paid enormous cash. There are also some ptc sites with endless advertisements, as a matter of reality. You can visit any PTC website free of charge that you can legally earn cash.
Because of the extra advantages of immediate payments and more polls, it will be easier if you enter premium membership.

However, you may not experience any legal implications when using PTC sites. Most individuals think that because of the hard work they do, these PTC sites are a scam.


Ptc Sites are one of the simplest methods online to gain cash. Since it’s a fundamental way to make money online, it certainly gives you an understanding of how to make money online.

Always ensure that you remain with the above described locations, use GPT locations, Micro work sites, and Survey Sites in addition to Ptc locations.

Combined, all of them will offer you a good revenue. Once you’ve earned enough cash trying to acquire some abilities, you can upgrade yourself to high-earning freelance locations.

Now it’s your turn, are you making cash using Ptc Sites?

What are your experiences with them?

Share the remarks with others.

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