How does memory work?

How does memory work?

The brain is like a computer, and it stores information in an unusual way. Brain science is more interesting than you think. We really forget the information over time, can not remember the name or some detail? Is our brain functioning normally ?

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Computer coding

Do not underestimate the small part of the human brain called the hippocampus – it is responsible for memory. What are the steps to remember information by the brain? First, encoding occurs when our brain perceives information around us and records memories.

Storage location

Neurons transmit signals to each other, and neural activity allows you to store information. Our brain has short and long term memory. Those memories that strongly influence us remain in the long-term memory. For example, all the first moments in a person’s life: the first friend, the first kiss, the first journey.


When the brain receives signals from neurons , we receive information. We can help memory by viewing information from the past. Our brain is like a muscle, so train it! The more often you remember or repeat information, the better it is to remember.

The professors participated in a study at the University of Toronto and found that perfect memory is not a sign of intelligence. Our brain actually looks like a filter. The hippocampus maintains basic information and allows for granular information. If you cannot remember the exact location of your keys, the brain may have missed this detail.

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