NSA software used by hackers

NSA software used by hackers

The city of Baltimore is the target of a major attack that affects many administrative services.

Also, Behind hides a ransomware that targets poorly protected computers and claims $ 100,000 to stop the attack.

His particuliarity, It is based on a tool developed by the NSA.

In addition , the city of Baltimore in the United States is currently dealing with a particularly tough ransomware .

The attack locked the key systems of the city, demanding the payment of a ransom of $ 100,000 in Bitcoin .

The virus affects real estate sales, payment of water bills, the city’s e-mail service, and many other services.

If the attack comes from a group of hackers, the virus is based on a tool developed by the NSA.

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First, this tool is called EternalBlue and allows you to execute remote commands on all Microsoft Windows systems that are out of date from Windows XP to Windows 10 .

A fix available for two years

Second, this is not the first time that EternalBlue has been used for malicious purposes. A group of hackers named The Shadow Brokers had published it in April 2017 .

It was used in attacks by government groups based in North Korea, Russia and China as with WannaCry in May.

NSA software

Moreover, The FBI has still not know whether this has been stolen by spies or whether it is an internal leak.

Microsoft had made a fix the day after EternalBlue leaked .

Futhermore, obviously the city of Baltimore did not apply the update on all of its computers .

It is not the only one as security experts have reported a new spike in activity with attacks targeting cities from Pennsylvania to Texas.

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