Top USA Business Directories 2019 [ Best ]

Local USA Business Directories is a must for any company that expects clients to visit in a physical place. It produces low fruit, which can basically bring you on the site of one of Google’s search outcomes without a lot of attempt-an objective that is usually completely unaffected by most tiny companies in competitive sectors.

Your company’s term is essential to your tiny business’s achievement. You will need the assistance of local or national directories to do that.

Today, Google inserts itself much more often between consumer and commercial websites.

Local Directory Listing USA

You only need to search for transformation points, AMPs and snippets for evidence from Google My Business.

It’s thus sensible, rather than simply expecting to locate you in search outcomes, to get your company data in the locations that individuals already discover companies like you.

Obtaining your company NAPs on local directories, internet company listings and quotation pages (Name, Address, Phone Number), helps increase the sight of your local business, but the backlinks from these locations can also help SEO. Some things here to ensure that your listing of your company is included when you add it to the directory:

  • Consistent NAP. If your business is added or updated on several listing sites, ensure that you provide the same company information across each directory.
  • A link to your website. Return connections – also referred to as incoming connections – are essential for the domain power of your business website. Consider adding a tracking link at the end of this URL, so you can see how much the traffic from the company directories connected to the page specifically goes.
  • A company description. Ensure that you have a comprehensive company outline that represents the mission, culture and principles of your organisation.
  • Multimedia. Provide business people with an image or video of your office, employee or daily business operations to give them the visual taste of your business.

More than 50% of Google search requests are conducted locally as local search outcomes are sorted from location-specific companies by Google and other search motors. These findings are much less competitive than in your country / global search outcomes, but a few intelligent measures are needed to lead the way.

One significant move is to register your company on the websites of local companies. We’ll be looking at 10 directories on this blog, which will assist you get to the top of your match.

NOTE: it is essential, by selecting the correct groups of companies and entering consistently data in all directories, that you list your company manually.

Although most directories do not pass on links to your website, search engines like Google still take them into account when rating local outcomes.

They assist SEO to improve search engine, promotional activities, client feedback and much more with your website.

Let us therefore inspect the best US Business Directories and Listings for the achievement of your company.

Business Listing Sites USA

1. Google My Business:

Google My Business is an excellent base for any local SEO campaign. In order to complete its knowledge chart (branded data frequently shown on the left of the SERPs for brand-name requests), Google utilizes Google My Business sites data and local package numbers which appear at the top of the local outcomes.

Google My Business lets you handle your company listings, Google reviews and traffic and involvement on your website (which often display stars as portion of the local search outcomes).

It’s free, simple to use and helps individuals locate your company on a map and sends Google hints to demonstrate you local search outcomes.

Complete your local business data and make sure that you are quoting online with a single variant of your Name email and phone number.

You need to check your account by giving your physical address a PIN number. For company checking, you need to tap the PIN on your Google Places Dashboard.

2. Yahoo Local:

You can choose to add up to five company categories to the Yahoo Local Listing, a excellent free service that shows your local business address, telephone number and URL.

Further data, like work hours, email address, payment opportunities and years in company, can be included in the fundamental free catalog and you also get a connection to your website.

You can see how many times you view your listing and can upload a single picture from the company detail section and ten major images on a distinct website and you can use up to two text connections in search outcomes.

The paid listing alternative costs 9.95 dollars a month and provides you additional benefits. To register, you must have a Yahoo ID or generate it.

3. Yelp:

Yelp has a big user community that is unlike common search engines. Therefore, your company needs to be on Yelp to attract attention from this entirely distinct and aimed crowd. A Yelp business account connects your company to the classifications of Yelp customers that most probably are involved in your company.

There’s no limited amount of company pictures you can upload, you can also attach a connection to your blog to your Yelp profile. Yelp enables user feedback and enables you to answer them. Moreover, you also get personalized analytics to monitor the traffic. Before you register, please verify whether Yelp already lists your company. Subscribe for Free so that you can either assert or generate a fresh company list.

4. Bing:

The Bing list is as essential for local companies as it is in the Google+ Local list. By pressing the connection Start Now in the image below, you can assert your company listing that already exists or generate a fresh one. You must register for a hotmail account to generate a fresh listing. You will be encouraged to register your contact data and interaction preferences after you have completed a number of enrollment measures.

You’re encouraged to complete your local company data, such as your title, address, town, country, company email, Facebook and Twitter addresses, zip code, and a logo, once the requirements (called Bing Business Portal Offer Guidelines) have been approved. In the following steps, a free mobile website and QR code are available. Finally, you can check your listing with a postcard that you receive at the address with which you register your business.

5. MerchantCircle:

MerchantCircle is a famous free US local enterprise listing service. It collects data from the listings of yellow websites. Check if the company website of your company is already registered and find out’ Is this your company listing?’The blue box option on that page’s left column. After you register, you will have access to a complete dashboard with many editing choices to add and alter your company information.

The dashboard contains alternatives like a website, goods and facilities, promotions, offers and coupons, newsletters, images, videos, widgets, responses and ads.You can network with other companies and enter prospective connections in your niche with a MerchantCircle listing. Especially importantly, you can publish a connection on this page, which provides a high quality inbound link to your blog.

6. Local: is a search engine listing U.S. local companies and presently contains 16 million listings. If you already have it in the database or generate a fresh account free of charge, please submit your company membership.

7. ExpressUpdate:

Infogroup has a comprehensive database of companies in the USA and also immediately provides data about local companies via partners with leading search motors and local company directories. You can enhance your status in localized SERPs by claiming and optimizing your booking on (formerly recognized as InfoUSA).

You must first inspect your company list to see whether the listing already exists in the database. You must assert your company. Create an ExpressUpdate account for free and attach the same company information that your homepage contains. The classified database of enterprises in which they are situated according to the town and state.

9. FourSquare:

Although at the end of the list, FourSquare is an application that is the fastest growing mobile marketing platform for small companies, it is not the regular business listing platform. It offers free listings for companies connecting to a broad spectrum of smart phone customers who check in at physical places. This implementation is not restricted to US companies alone, but has 25 million customers globally in a growing society.

It offers free instruments to contact your clients and supporters. Claim your company on FourSquare and start your company free of charge with the FourSquare account. The FourSquare Merchant Dashboard enables you to maintain tabs on day-to-day check in via the app.

10. HotFrog:

In 38 nations, HotFrog has identified more than 70 million companies. It is a brand famous for its many country-specific variants of HotFrog company booking pages, both among companies and customers around the globe.

The website offers reporting instruments for tracking company activities on websites. See their How-To chapter for more data on HotFrog profiles.

11. Thumbtack:

Thumbtack provides 1,100 facilities and annually completes 5 million initiatives. Listed companies received $1 billion in total revenue last year.

12. Yellow Pages:

Yellow Pages is a major US supplier of local advertising alternatives. In order to provide the highest possible information, the folder is incorporated with TripAdvisor, Groupons and other businesses.

13. Kudzu:

Kudzu offers overviews of company classifications and advice on the finest item or service in addition to simply listing local companies.

14. Better Business Bureau:

Better Business Bureau is a database that collects only CBBB trusted companies through the National Program of Partners, which makes it a high quality source of information.

15. Manta:

Manta is a tiny company journal that also offers advertising education and advertising for your company.

16. Judy’s Book:

Local review, recommendation and agreements are compiled on Judy’s Book. At all times, customers can share personal book locations.

17. CitySquares:

For more than 10 years CitySquares has helped tiny companies be online. The business offers search-friendly lists and the option of fully personalized ads.

18. Yellow Pages Directory:

An internet option to the paper version of the yellow pages is Yellow Pages Directory. The business promotes the ‘ Going Green ‘ motion in addition to listing companies across the United States.


USdirectory is the major domestic search directory for internet businesses, which includes millions of businesses from all areas of the USA. The business primary plan involves a search priority and a 5-page promotion page.

20. Here:

Here is an accessible place platform and builder of a map. For all companies which can profit from them they offer open vibrant charts.

21. Angie’s List:

Angie’s List is visited by 10-12 million people every month. The database now provides free access for companies in over 700 classifications and 10 million customer reviews and scores.

22. MagicYellow:

MagicYellow is your company’s free internet journal. There are also posts and buddies you can compose feedback and attach.

23. USCity:

USCity is one of the earliest directories on the Internet. You can customize your front page with a versatile interface, e.g. to include your Twitter account.

24. Yext:

You can handle your USCity, Google, Yahoo, MapQuest, Yelp internet accounts by Yext.

25. The Business Journals:

The Business Journals are a platform for policy makers. It has 10 million people on 43 pages.

26. Citysearch:

In more than 20 primary classifications, Citysearch is a local company search folder. The platform enables you to evaluate your company, list offers and discounts and send Scouts to verify the service.

27. Fave:

Fave is a small business on-line folder on the map. The closest exhibitions, discounts and offers also provide you with data.

28. BrownBook:

BrownBook is a free journal for local corporations. Anyone may attach, check and update an on-line company profile.

29. Kompass:

In more than 60 nations around the world, Kompass has more than 11.5 million confirmed business connections.

30. Superpages:

Superpages is a top internet journal providing business and retail data and perspectives.

31. is a local directory of business with a view of over 340 million in Chicago, New York, Phoenix, San Diego and Miami, from 2010 to 2010. Since 2010.

32. MyHuckleberry:

MyHuckleberry is a single-stop store providing all the data in one place. Experts on the platform also provide product and service feedback and guidance.

33. CityVoter:

CityVoter is a polling platform with 500 competitions in the USA already initiated. In “Best Of,” or a competition with ‘ brackets, ‘ participants may earn a badge.

34. Craigslist:

A free local online directory that offers a wide variety of categories is Craigslist. Without registering or logging in, anyone can post and view listings.

35. US Combo Directory Network:

The US Combo Directory Network is a search directory for websites and businesses. The platform provides advice on improving your listing visibility.

36. Insider Pages:

Insider Pages is a local search directory that began in San Francisco in 2004. Now all US countries are included in the company’s list of tiny companies.

37. Dexknows:

Dexknows is an online company listing expert. The directory connects consumers and small companies in their region and provides both what they want: quality search and customers.

38. City-Data:

Before posting it into their directory the City-Data collects and analyzes data from different sources. There are about 18 million unique visitors to the website each month.

39. Switchboard:

The switchboard offers business and people quality searching. It is easy to see in the result list with a clean and clean interface.

40. Bizwiki:

Bizwiki combines user listings and reviews and structures them to help boost your business in a search-attractive package. The site also offers tips for small and start-up companies.

41. USA Citylink:

Since 1994, Citylink USA has been active. The website is mainly specialized in tours and tips for local companies.

42. Best of the Web:

The best part of the Web is a local business list which provides customers with information divided into food, shopping, local services, etc. categories and states.

43. RadarFrog:

RadarFrog is a white and green online directory in which you can enter into one of the many categories of your business listing.

44. ALLPages:

For the whole of America, ALLPages is an online yellow page directory. The site is regularly updated.

45. The Real Yellow Pages:

The Real Yellow Pages offer extensive searches between states and companies. You can also download all information from your website.

46. collects information from a number of listings. You can place ads and subscriptions through this directory.

47. Volta:

Volta is a worldwide directory of business. You can add basic information, a description, business keywords and a contact form to your organization on this website.

48. Akama:

Akama is a free directory that provides fundamental search in the listed category for companies and states.

49. Nexport:

Nexport is an online directory network built for both consumers and businesses to deliver real value.

50. JustDial:

On various platforms, JustDial is the business search: Internet, mobile Internet, voice and text message.

51. Valley Yellow Pages:

Yellow Valley Pages provides both online and offline information for companies and customers. With discounts within the database, you can launch coupons and text messages.


Since 1997, is a national directory. The list includes the Blue, White and Yellow Pages across the nation.

53. 2FL:

2FL is a website for local search. You also provide a transfer program to gain money by advising other companies of the service.

54. Seekitlocal:

You can list your company in a number of categories with Seekitlocal. You can also include videos, vouchers and promotional links in the directory.

55. AmericanTowns:

AmericanTowns is an online city square that collects all your city, service or even neighborhood’s important resources.

56. eLocal:

Online business directory is user-friendly. There are no popups, banners, or unrelated publicity on the website, which can distract your clients from your content.

57. CityGrid:

CityGrid is an innovative online directory with open APIs and small business standard directory listings.

58. Ziplocal:

Ziplocal is a newly renamed online company database which runs throughout the USA. SMS and SEO projects are also offered for companies.

59. LocalPages:

LocalPages is an administrator that provides an appropriate search for deals and coupons across the selected area in addition to business listings.

60. BizVotes:

BizVotes assists clients in their folder finding the best products or facilities. Only the most common classes and ratings are included in the page by votes.


Free business and resource directories are All connections provided are manually verified and endorsed, which improves content performance.

62. Zidster:

Zidster is a “matchmaker” between companies and clients. To complement your current website and marketing attempts, company search engine-friendly promotional tools are developed.

63. netHulk:

NetHulk is a booking folder of SMEs from all the US countries. The company provides free registration and enterprise.

64. My Local Services:

In addition to traditional lists, My Local Services has its own on-site forum in which consumers exchange information and company information.

In this context we have compiled today (based on Domain Authority collected from Moz Link Explaner in May 2018) a list of the largest and most significant company listings locations. Many are totally free of these directories.

USA Business Directories for Small Business Marketing

  1. Facebook (Domain Authority = 100)
  2. Apple Maps (Domain Authority = 100)
  3. Google My Business (Domain Authority = 100)
  4. LinkedIn Company Directory (Domain Authority = 98)
  5. Bing (Domain Authority = 94)
  6. Yelp (Domain Authority = 94)
  7. Better Business Bureau (Domain Authority = 93)
  8. Foursquare (Domain Authority = 92)
  9. MapQuest (Domain Authority = 92)
  10. HubSpot (Domain Authority = 91)
  11. Yellow Pages (Domain Authority = 91)
  12. Angies List (Domain Authority = 91)
  13. Yahoo! Local (Domain Authority = 91)
  14. Manta (Domain Authority = 87)
  15. Merchant Circle (Domain Authority = 86)
  16. Super Pages (Domain Authority = 84)
  17. Yellow Book (Domain Authority = 83)
  18. Thumbtack (Domain Authority = 82)
  19. (Domain Authority = 77)
  20. (Domain Authority = 76)
  21. Hot Frog (Domain Authority = 76)
  22. (Domain Authority = 75)
  23. (Domain Authority = 73)
  24. (Domain Authority = 72)
  25. La Cartes (Domain Authority = 68)
  26. (Domain Authority = 67)
  27. (Domain Authority = 67)
  28. (Domain Authority = 67)
  29. Spoke (Domain Authority = 66)
  30. (Domain Authority = 66)
  31. City Squares (Domain Authority = 66)
  32. Cylex USA (Domain Authority = 66)
  33. (Domain Authority = 66)
  34. BOTW (Domain Authority = 65)
  35. (Domain Authority = 65)
  36. (Domain Authority = 63)
  37. Get Fave (Domain Authority = 63)
  38. (Domain Authority = 63)
  39. (Domain Authority = 60)
  40. Call Up Contact (Domain Authority = 60)
  41. (Domain Authority = 60)
  42. My Huckleberry (Domain Authority = 59)
  43. (Domain Authority = 59)
  44. (Domain Authority = 58)
  45. City Insider (Domain Authority = 58)
  46. (Domain Authority = 58)
  47. My Sheriff (Domain Authority = 57)
  48. (Domain Authority = 56)
  49. (Domain Authority = 55)
  50. (Domain Authority = 55)
  51. (Domain Authority = 55)
  52. (Domain Authority = 54)
  53. (Domain Authority = 52)
  54. (Domain Authority = 50)
  55. (Domain Authority = 49)
  56. Bizadee (Domain Authority = 48)
  57. (Domain Authority = 47)

Making sure that your prospective clients are present everywhere is crucial for every local advertising strategy. Don’t wait – attach some Local Business Directories to your local company as quickly as you can.

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